A new version is on it’s way.

Par Élie Sloïm, le 30 août 2006, dans .

I don’t know how your summer was, but the Opquast team has been hard at work. We’ve been working for a number of months on a new version of the My-Opquast tool. There will be a lot of fundamental changes and a whole new ranges of features will appear. We’ll be giving you more information when we launch it but here is a quick preview of what is planned:

  • The Opquast best practices list is useful to you for your site, but at the same time you want to elaborate your own lists of quality control criteria? With the new version you will be able to create your own personalized lists and carry out evaluations based on the lists you create.
  • While carrying out a quality evaluation on your site, you will come across points that need checking and things that need to be done. With the new My-Opquast tool you will be able to create a list of tasks for each project which will be accessible to all the members of your team.
  • During a quality evaluation process the new ajax based interface makes things clearer and will enable you to go a lot faster. You will also be able to personalize your work area.
  • You want the possibility of team work, with developers, clients, consultants and associates? With the new system all the evaluations will be multi-user based and the project specific RSS feeds are still in place.
  • You find the new generation of Web services interesting but few are accessible and you get the impression that you might end up captive of the company that is providing the service? With Opquast all the evaluation results can be exported in a number of industry standard formats. With regards to accessibility the entire interface will provide the same features even if Javascript is disabled in your browser.
  • Some subscriptions, apart from making it possible to create more than one list and more projects than in the free subscription, will also make it possible to configure and publish a service provider profile which will be accessible to all users through a search engine on th Opquast site.
  • If you think that Opquast and the My-Opquast tool are a good idea and you believe that they should be used outside of francophone countries, don’t despair: in a couple of weeks Opquast and My-Opquast will go on-line in French and English too.

Be ready it’s all coming soon. We’ll keep you posted.