Opquast.com : PageRank 8

Par Élie Sloïm, le 25 octobre 2006, dans .

Let’s be honest, Google PageRank, doesn’t mean much to most people, but it does give a lot of self congratulatory satisfaction to the teams that work on websites. (sad isn’t it?)

Opquast being one of those projects that a lot of people have contributed to, and PageRank being based on the links that you make to the site URL, let yourselves go and give yourselves a pat on the back:
Unless we are mistaken the current PageRank for Opquast is 8.

We don’t quite know how long we’ll be 8 for so we’re indulging while we can. We would like to thank François Palaci who laid the foundations for this result.

With regards to the new version it’ll be ready soon. But it’s like baking a cake, we don’t want to turn it out while it’s still too hot.