Opquast V2 launch

Par Élie Sloïm, le 24 novembre 2006, dans .

After seven months of long hard work, we can at last announce the launch of the new version of Opquast.com. With the feeling of satisfaction of having accomplished something good we’re now on tenterhooks waiting for your feedback.

Very quickly, let me go over the new features of the tool now, and I’ll go over them in more detail at a later date:

  • English language as well as a French language versions of the site
  • Create and edit your own lists of criteria
  • Task management.
  • Team management has been made easier.
  • Improved User interface.

Apart from these visible changes, a lot of improvements have been made to the software and structure of the site. We’ll be giving you more details about this soon.

We won’t go into all of this with any detail right now because we would like you to judge for yourselves on the quality of this version. There will no doubt be a few bugs. The translations in the English part will probably need improvement as they are the work of one English speaker surrounded by French speakers. Your feedback on this will be very useful also. We’ll be tackling all these over the next few days.

There are so many people that we would like to thank for their help and advice over the last few months that I’ll write a post about it soon.

We hope that you will enjoy working with My-Opquast.