U.K. student offer

Hold on to your cap, we are offering 50 Opquast certification vouchers!

The offer (by direct invitation only)

With final exams approaching, you may also be reflecting on the job market and your prospects. This training could give you the career advantage you need to stand out over your peers. We are giving one training voucher for Opquast’s e-learning ‘Mastering Web Quality Assurance‘ to one student from each of 50 chosen U.K. universities, business schools, or digital schools. The certification retail price is £250. Sign up now below to avoid missing out and commence the training any time in the next three months.

The training requires 12-16 hours to complete with some additional study time if you want to achieve a higher score.

Why we chose you for this offer

You have been identified as someone with the appropriate discipline and drive that would benefit from taking this training. Our course has been integrated into many masters and degree programmes, including marketing, business, and I.T. programmes, to give students essential foundations in web and digital projects. In becoming certified, we are sure that you will find great value in being part of a community that is continually working towards making a better web for everyone.

What does the training cover?

  • Learn a multidisciplinary foundation of e-commerce, accessibility, UX, privacy, security, SEO, eco-design and performance best practices.
  • Guide web and digital projects towards a better digital experience for the customer with a web quality assurance framework and implementable rules.
  • Learn best practices and management models to become an instinctive custodian of quality for web and digital projects.
Figure showing the base foundational knowledge (in green) covered by opquasts certification

How you will benefit

  • Attain a digital certification for web project and digital experience skills (image below)
  • Master web vocabulary to integrate with digital teams to contribute to the success of the project
  • Stand out on your next job application by learning a customer-centric web Q.A. system and philosphy
  • Join a community with passion and resources dedicated to ‘making the web better, for all’
image of the digital certificate as it appears on a linkedIN profile

Who is Opquast?

Opquast was started in France in 2000 and was just recently incorporated as a ‘Company with Mission’. The ‘Mastering Web Quality Assurance’ training product, established in 2014, is based upon the continually evolving, open source, web quality rules. Opquast is not just a training company but also an active community of 11,000+ certified members, see Opquast’s missions for more details.

Period of validity and conditions

In return for the training voucher we ask that you complete our feedback questionnaire and provide a testimonial to share on social media. The training will be valid for three months from the time you commence the course. This offer is not transferable to another person. The offer deadline for commencement is June 30th 2021.

Contact us

If you would like to take advantage of the offer and join the Opquast community please fill in the form or connect with Paul Houston, Opquast Head of Business Development, or Sarah Marcellin, Opquast International Account Manager, on LinkedIn.

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