Making the web better

The training gives us a cross-perspective on the different professions of the web. We touch everything. Despite a non-technical profile, I gained a better understanding of web aspects that are not part of my core business skills, for example, developer tasks, such as minifying scripts, which can speed up page loading. All this contributes to a more efficient web and, therefore, a more responsible web. It's crucial for a project manager to have all these parameters in mind.

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Serena Pontoriero Engagement Manager at Capgemini


Opquast becomes an ‘entreprise à mission’

It’s been over a year in the making and it is now official: Opquast is an ‘entreprise à mission’ or a ‘purpose-driven company’. So, what does that mean? When the Pacte law came into existence in France, it became possible […]

The Drupal Opquast module is up to date

Marc-Antoine Marty updated us this weekend, he has updated the Drupal module with the latest version of the Opquast rules (240 rules 2020). In addition to taking into account the new checklist, the developer also changed the wording of the […]

Download files update

We have just updated the checklist files made available on the website. In this update, we made various corrections and replaced the mention of ‘best practices’ with ‘rules’ and finally separated the previous monolingual excel file into two languages: […]

Opquast in numbers