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The training gives us a cross-perspective on the different professions of the web. We touch everything. Despite a non-technical profile, I gained a better understanding of web aspects that are not part of my core business skills, for example, developer tasks, such as minifying scripts, which can speed up page loading. All this contributes to a more efficient web and, therefore, a more responsible web. It's crucial for a project manager to have all these parameters in mind.

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Serena Pontoriero Engagement Manager at Capgemini


Reduce risks and build trust into your web products

Quality rules for reducing risks inherent in web products Opquast maintains a repository of 240 quality rules which mitigate the key risks that negatively affect website users such as privacy, ecodesign, accessibility and security. The objective of these rules and […]

VPTCS: a UX and QA model (2001)

After 20 years in the web industry, if somebody asks me what’s the most useful thing you’ve created or done, I would definitively cite the VPTCS model. VPTCS stands for Visibility, Perception, Technical, Contents and Services. Back in 2001, with […]
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