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Editorial. To the experts, expertise.

Accessibility, usability, security, SEO and e-commerce are all areas that require both very simple and very complicated actions. In all these areas, you’re going to have to deal with it all, the simple and the complicated, the automatic and the […]

QSE-IP – Web and digital activities management

Summary Organizations embracing digital technology rightly see many opportunities, but are gradually discovering that it also entails major risks, both for users and for the organization itself. These major risks are increasingly identified separately, and are often managed in silos. […]
Web Quality

UX, UI and ketchup

If you’re interested in the Web, you’re bound to have come across images of varying relevance to the differences between user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Among these, the image of the ketchup bottle is frequently used. Here it […]

Quality Assurance. For the web.

I have some important things to tell you. My main challenge over the next few years is to make people understand the meaning and interest of the notion of quality assurance for the web. This is fundamental, because there’s a […]
Web Quality