Making the web better

When I changed careers, I wanted to bring meaning to my new assignments. Because I felt the need to consider the end user first, I took the Opquast training and then the certification. Thanks to what I learned, I succeeded in my interviews and convinced those who became my team. Opquast gave me the keys to understand quality, but also to find missions that make sense.
Joachim Robert Intégrateur at KissKissBankBank


The end of the Opquast best practices?

At the beginning, it was just best practices. When we created Opquast in 2004, we decided to name the project Open Quality Standards and list quality best practices for websites. After a few months, I realized that the notion of […]

New version of the Opquast website

After almost a year's work, we are pleased to welcome you to the new version of the website. This new version brings together the contents of the site, the checklist site and the partner directory. This is an absolutely huge project on the scale of the Opquast company, all the more so as we are also publishing part of the contents in English.

Opquast certification in English: here we go!

For the past year, Paul Houston, and a good portion of the team, have been working hard to create the English version of the Opquast training. At first glance, it looks like a simple translation, but in fact, it’s an […]

Opquast in numbers