Making the web better

When a group of enthusiasts rolls up their sleeves and decides to put the user experience back at the heart of the debate. We discover a better vision of the Net, one that does good. Essential best practices, each one more sensible than the other. The training program is intuitive and easy to use. In a nutshell, give yourself a real quality certification.
Fabrice Betbeder Web Consultant at La Cabane du Web


Reduce risks and build trust into your web products

Quality rules for reducing risks inherent in web products Opquast maintains a repository of 240 quality rules which mitigate the key risks that negatively affect website users such as privacy, ecodesign, accessibility and security. The objective of these rules and […]

VPTCS: a UX and QA model (2001)

After 20 years in the web industry, if somebody asks me what’s the most useful thing you’ve created or done, I would definitively cite the VPTCS model. VPTCS stands for Visibility, Perception, Technical, Contents and Services. Back in 2001, with […]
Web Quality

Opquast Slackbot

If you use the Slack messaging tool, you can now use the Opquast for Slack application. This little tool will allow you to send Opquast rules with their objectives, the tags concerned and of course the link to the form. […]

Opquast in numbers