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When I changed careers, I wanted to bring meaning to my new assignments. Because I felt the need to consider the end user first, I took the Opquast training and then the certification. Thanks to what I learned, I succeeded in my interviews and convinced those who became my team. Opquast gave me the keys to understand quality, but also to find missions that make sense.
Joachim Robert Web Integrator at KissKissBankBank


Recognition by the CPD Standards Office

After a rigorous accreditation process, we have obtained official recognition from the CPD Standards Office, an international organization and the world’s authority for continuing education accreditation which is dedicated to the certification of professional training organizations. The recognition of our […]

VPTCS: a UX and QA model (2001)

After 20 years in the web industry, if somebody asks me what’s the most useful thing you’ve created or done, I would definitively cite the VPTCS model. VPTCS stands for Visibility, Perception, Technical, Contents and Services. Back in 2001, with […]
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