Opquast, a purpose-driven company A collective project and 'entreprise à mission'

A community “making the web better”.

Welcome to the Opquast website and community! Opquast is a training company and a larger collective project and community of web professionals and enthusiasts. We have been creating tools and open-source web quality assurance rules since being established in 2000.

Our missions

  1. Act to enable as many people as possible to access web services, regardless of their profile : age, skills, languages, physical or mental abilities, culture, materials used and connection methods.#inclusion #accessibility #neurodiversity
  2. Improve web services by simplifying and facilitating their use in the private, public and professional spheres and their development as a vehicle for social and environmental transformation of societies and organisations.#ecodesign #performance #UX
  3. Help professionals and organisations to develop their skills and impact on the quality, accessibility and sobriety of websites and digital tools.#CSR #purpose #empowerment #quality
  4. To train, federate, support and develop an ecosystem of humans and organisations committed to the improvement of the web. 14,500 certified to date; 5000 of those in the last year.#WebCommunity #People&Planet #IT-Training

Opquast’s three main activities

The missions are embedded within and supported by, three main activities.

Activity #1: Web Q.A. rules for a better customer experience

The founders of Opquast are quality specialists. Opquast has no opinion on the subjective quality aspects of websites; we only assess objective elements. That’s why, at Opquast, we define web QA rules, assemble them and disseminate them as widely as possible. They are available for download in checklists and directly via our repository and online search tool. Click on the following link to access the list of 240 web QA rules, and feel free to use them on your next web or digital project!

Activity #2: Equipping professionals with a user-centric web culture and foundational skills certification

Web projects mobilize professionals with a wide range of profiles: technical, literary, marketing, sales, etc. What goals do they have in common? How do they achieve them? What is their common vocabulary? Opquast’s ‘Mastering Web Quality Assurance‘ certification answers those questions and is supported by a comprehensive web quality reference system including management models (web quality model VPTCS), a 240 web QA rules repository, and a glossary.

Opquast’s objective: to provide web professionals worldwide with a solid user-focused cultural foundation and quality reference system. This isn’t to say that one can become a web expert only by using Opquast’s toolbox and becoming certified, but our resources are meant to be there as a quality foundation for all web professionals to rely on.

The VPTCS model - Visibility - Perception - Technical - Content - Services

Activity #3: Supporting a community that is making the web better, for everyone

Training is important, but advancing the dissemination and implementation of web quality practices is essential to benefit all those that use the web. To achieve this, Opquast supports a network of web professionals (13,500+ of them Opquast certified) from companies, universities, public agencies, schools, training centres, web agencies and web content management system communities. Together, they are creating tools to make the web better for everyone, and helping Opquast create reference materials that are universally useful and accepted.

What we think and what we believe in

  • The web is a fantastic and valuable tool.
  • Web professionals therefore have a responsibility.
  • Web professionals need to understand what’s happening on the other side of the screen for the user.
  • A modern web project requires the empathy and management of diverse subjects and risks.
  • No one can put themselves completely in the users’ shoes.
  • Making good websites is not easy.
  • Standards are both constraints and assets.
  • Life is continuous improvement and continuous improvement is life.

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