Training voucher for Opquast certification

One £250 voucher being offered to top 50 potential UK partners

The offer

Your organisation is one of 50 businesses, digital schools or universities, carefully selected within the U.K, that Opquast would really like to work with. We are happy to be able to extend this offer to one of your employees, or students, for the complete training and certification package for Opquasts’ ‘Mastering Web Quality Assurance‘ certification (retail price £250).

Why are we offering you this opportunity?

We are looking to work with businesses and universities, active in web and digital, as a training partner to provide our multidisciplinary foundational training. This offer of a training voucher gives you a commitment-free opportunity to see how our training could benefit you and your staff or students.

What is the training about?

  • The certification teaches how to mitigate major web and digital risks i.e. accessibility, privacy, security, e-commerce, ecodesign, etc. and how to steer web and digital projects towards a better customer experience.
  • Learn foundational web quality rules, and customer-centric reflexes, based upon a quality assurance system that is built upon the experience of thousands of past web projects.
  • The training provides a multidisciplinary foundation (see illustration below) and vocabulary to help web teams, trades, and clients understand each other and work more efficiently together.
Figure showing the base foundational knowledge and skills covered by opquasts certification (in green)

What are the target profiles for the training?

This multidisciplinary training is intended for all professionals and students vested in digital and web activities including marketers, project managers, developers, content specialists, IT professionals, business and digital strategists, customer success managers, etc.

Business Benefits

  • Minimise business and technical risks, such as loss of customer confidence, poor SEO and performance, data privacy breaches, etc.
  • Decrease costs by reducing errors upstream and also decrease the quality control effort.
  • Create solid foundations for digital transformation: introduce trained ‘quality custodians’ and empower your human assets to proactively manage your digital assets.
  • Extend your customer base with a fully inclusive ‘user-focused’ quality assurance strategy.
  • Increase credibility with increased quality: Opquast’s approach ensures customers receive positive brand signals throughout their web interactions.
  • Create a strong and cross-disciplinary web team culture

Who is Opquast?

Opquast was started in France in 2000. The ‘Mastering Web Quality Assurance’ training product, established in 2014, is based upon the continually evolving, open source, web quality rules. Opquast is not just a training company but also an active community of 11,000+ certified members, see Opquast’s missions for more details.

Conditions and period of validity

In return for the training voucher we ask that you complete our feedback questionnaire and provide a testimonial to share on social media.

The training will be valid for three months from the time you commence the course. The offer is not transferable to another person (the deadline for commencement is 30th June 2021).

Contact us

If you would like to take advantage of the offer and join the Opquast community please fill in the form or connect with Paul Houston, Opquast Head of Business Development on LinkedIn or Sarah Marcellin, Opquast International Account Manager, on LinkedIn.

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