Open data good practices

Par Élie Sloïm, le 17 avril 2012, dans .

Pascal Romain, Temesis’ team and all the contributors to the Opquast ‘Open Quality Standards’ projects are proud to announce the publication of a 72 open data best practices list. The French version has been published a few months ago, but we believed it could be useful to translate the checklist in English.

We’re proud to announce that the list is now available for consultation and download. The content has been translated from French to English by Pascal Romain. English version has been reviewed by Tim Davies and Steven Flower.

Now the team has to write, translate and publish a complete sheet (goals, means, and control process) about each criterion. This will be done shortly.

Those ‘good practices’ are published under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. You’re free to use them as you see fit, even for a commercial use. On the other hand, you need to maintain its paternity, please quote its origin, or even better add a link to this checklist on Opquast’s website.