My-Opquast Release postponed.

Par Élie Sloïm, le 28 septembre 2006, dans .

We recently announced that the new Opquast/My-Opquast version would be launched this week. We have decided to put it off for a couple of weeks for the following reasons:

The new version has brought a number of fundamental changes in the site architecture.
New features will be appearing in your interface and we want to make them as easy and seamless to use as possible. The site contains a large quantity of content that we have entirely translated into, what we hope, is good, clear English. This week we have taken some time to put together a real translation management system. It makes it easy to manage all the language versions of the live content on the site. We’ll tell more about this soon, because we really enjoy working with it. The recent ParisWeb 2006 conference gave us a preview of the extent of expectations that some users have for the English language version.

We believe that Opquast is groundbreaking in being the first on-line services best practices list, the first implementation, with over 6000 users, of the EARL standard and the first on-line website quality self assessment tool. And this new version of will be bringing in a whole new set of concepts. So we wouldn’t want to mar it all by being to hasty in going on-line.
So we’re going to take our time to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and, although we know that a few minor bugs, typos and French language constructs will slip through our net, we want to provide the best possible tool for you to work with.

We’ll keep you posted on how things are going.